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St Mark's Church Preschool

The name of the preschool shall be "St Mark's Church Preschool." St Mark’s Church Preschool is operated and governed by The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mark, Bedford. It falls under the supervision and direction of the Church Council of St Mark's Church and has charitable status by virtue of the fact that it is wholly established and governed by St Mark’s Church which is itself a registered charity, Charity No 1164416

The names of the Trustees

Our trustees are elected members from the local community

Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Appleton
Mrs Elizabeth Ruth Bean
Rev Dr Graham Robert Cappleman
Mr Michael John Cooper
Mr John Day
Mrs Janet Rosemary Day
Mr Ian Farthing
Mr Vincent Holloway
Mrs Janet Elizabeth Rose Ibberson
Mr Michael Sidney Ovenden
Mr Edward Parry
Mrs Marion Patricia Prior
Rev Canon Charles Royden
Ms Delia Mary Shephard
Mrs Morag-Ann Stewart
Mrs Wendy Clare Waters
Mr James Williams
Mrs Avril Williams
Mrs Lynne Seymour


The objectives of the preschool shall be to provide:
Safe and satisfactory individual and group play for the fulfilment of social, physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of preschool children.
To welcome children and parents into the Christian community of St Mark’s Church.

The preschool shall operate daily in St Mark's Church Community Centre.
The Church Council will direct that preschool charges such fees and recovers funding as necessary to cover staff costs and expenses connected with the operation of preschool at St Mark's Church.
Equipment, liabilities and obligations of the preschool are the responsibility of the Church Council.
Church Councils and Leadership meetings will discuss the operation of preschool.
In consultation with the Vicar of St Mark’s Church there will be a preschool service in church at Christmas and Easter to which all children and parents should be invited.

Employment of staff
For the furtherance of the objectives of preschool and to ensure satisfactory operation, St Mark's Church Council shall appoint a Preschool Manager who will be a person sympathetic to the aims and objectives of St Mark's Church.
The day to day running of the preschool shall be the responsibility of the Preschool Manager acting under the general supervision of the Chair of the Church Council or their representative.
Sufficient staff shall be employed to ensure the safe and satisfactory operation of preschool.
All staff will be encouraged to gain suitable training to help equip them for their work in preschool.
All staff will be made aware of Health and Safety and other policies governing employees and use of the Church Centre. Particular training will be given and all staff will be regularly updated especially with regard to safeguarding of children.

Annual General Meeting
An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year at which a written report shall be presented to parents by the Preschool Manager. All staff, parents and members of St Mark's Church Council should be encouraged to attend.

The payment of all staff is the responsibility of St Mark's Church Council.
The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mark, Bedford is a body having charitable status (Charity No 1164416). The preschool is the financial responsibility of the Church Council. Any bank accounts opened for managing funds are the responsibility of the Church Council and must include as signatories the Vicar of St Mark's Church and their representatives.

Change of Constitution
The constitution may not be altered without the approval of the Church Council. In all matters the decision of the Church Council shall be final.

Download a copy of our constitution

Constitution last checked July 2016